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Woodworking Projects

These are some tables I built this fall. Built from lumber produced via the Simple Saw. I started woodworking as a hobby about 5 years ago, as I had all this lumber to make use of, and one thing led to another. I started purchasing woodworking machinery to put the lumber to use 3 or such years ago. Since building the Simple Saw, It has taken me on a journey, I have learned much about trees, lumber, drying of lumber, and putting the lumber to useful purposes. It is amazing looking back, as I had originally built the Simple Saw to deal with what had become a liabilty issue for us. On a portion of our property we had about a thousand, 30+ year old Christmas trees to deal with, that had reached a height of over 130'. Some had fallen onto a roadway during a storm, that runs along the length of our property. I first started sawing the Mexican white pine Christmas tree logs with a chain sawmill, and after sawing over 20,000 board ft. with the chainsaw mill, decided to build the Simple Saw, after seeing it shown in a newly published Sawmill mag.

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Wood Projects
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