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Short Log Implement

I built this short log implement to salvage figured lumber from the upper limbs of a sycamore tree I cut down. I had already cut the upper crooked limbs into firewood lengths, when I discovered that there was also great grain to be had from the upper large limbs. My bunks are spaced 24", and I had cut the logs to firewood lengths for my woodstove (20"). Therefore I built this implement to salvage this good figured lumber. The 1" tube frame lays across the 3" channel iron bunks of the track frame, and is held in place by the raised 1" angle bunk on one side and the 3" channel bunk on the opposite side, via welded angle clips on the bottom side of the 1" square tube. The assembly lays there with no fastening to the track frame. When done you just lift it out and set it aside. There are many different ways I can dog the logs, quarters, and use it to edge out the boards with this setup. Click on the below pics to see it in use.

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